1000s of students rely on LearnersPlatform to excel in their examinations. They Learn faster and smarter with LearnersPlatform. 

LearnersPlatform Ghana has offered Solutions to WASSCE, BECE, NABPTEX and NURSING Licesnure questions. Our Experts have provided concise and up to date materials which will make passing your exams a lot easier.

What We Offer

LearnersPlatform, is primarily an assessment portal, supporting you achieve success in your examinations.  It has been working across many examination boards in Africa including Ghana.

Multiple choice questions

Read and attempt multiple choice questions before revealing the answer. This provides the motivation and interaction necessary for learning. 

Long Response Solutions

These come in various forms but the solutions provided are usually what is required to satisfy the examboard requirements.

Integration with other tools

 LearnersPlatforn integrates with other tools like video hosting platforms, content management systems, and social media, which enhance the learning experience and make it easier for instructors to manage course content.

Mobile ready and Study Without being connected to the internet.

LearnersPlatform has a Mobile-compatible interface, which allows students to access course content from their smartphones and tablets. Studying offline to save data.

Learning Paths

The Flexibilty of the Platform Allows you to subscribe to any course on the system and add to your account.  Therefore planning your learning path.

Use by Teachers and facilitators.

Teachers use the platform to support their teaching and it has become popular with teachers recommending it to their students. This gives them time to concentrate on the real teaching whilst students continualy assess themselves on the platform.

Our Most Popular Courses

All our courses have proven to be popular with students. We represent some of them below.

SHS Core Mathematics 1

SHS Core Science 2

Free Courses

You can register for a free sample course to experience some of the content before you subscribe.


Premium Courses

Our Premium content are paid for and accessible both on the website and the app. We add materials as and when necessary to complement your studies. If necessary, specific files can be uploaded to your account depending on the service you subscribe to. There are interactive sections occasionally organised by our experts to discuss general concerns and to improve the quality of your studies.

All courses subscriptions are yearly.

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