Our Courses

This is a broad introduction of some of our courses across secondary to university and selected professional level.  However, for Examboard specific and country specific courses please SELECT EXAMBOARD or COUNTRY  in the APP to access your course.


Mathematics is among one of the many basic and secondary level courses offered by the platform.

There is no doubt the study of maths and students’ attitude to the subject seemingly makes it ‘fearful’. However, our solutions are self-explanatory and will make you ‘Smash it’ in your final exam sitting.

17 Courses

Business Subjects

Financial, cost accounting and business management solutions are provided in a concise format making studying for your exams less stressful.

16 Courses

TVET and Technical Universities

TVET and practical technical university courses are on demand in every country.   This has been recognised to be necessary for promoting development.  The courses and solutions therefore meet the assessment criteria and serve as sources of study materials.

16 Courses

Nursing and Health related courses

Expereinced and practicing nurses as well as lecturers involved in this course provision have taken into account the need to do well in school as well as passing your Licensure exams. The course has a broad range of  licensure questions and answers with explanations which can be a source of study material as well as examination practice.

12 Courses


Science as a general subject and a basic requirement has been comprehensively presented.

The science solutions are simple to understand, and some have some simulations close to real lab environments.  Doing well in your science exams have just become easier.

22 Courses

University Courses

Demand for our university courses keep growing and have become popular among students.  We have begun migrating them on to the platform.  Our lecturers have many years of teaching and research experience and their courses reflect this.

36 Courses


ICT solutions broadly introduce computers and systems such that real world and practical examples are identified with them making the course very popular with students.

6 Courses

Support Materials

LearnersPlatform is examination focused but do have supporting materials which most learners find useful for day to day study.  This includes videos and other materials curated to support your learning and are duly acknowledged.