About Us


Our mission is to:

1-Give control of learning to the learner and promote the role of the teacher as a facilitator. This is made possible by the advent of modern education technology. It is achieved by the learner being part of the creation of the content that they consume. Furthermore, we believe there is no deeper learning without collaboration with peers, teachers as facilitators and the creation of an enabling environment such as use of technology. We aim to achieve this by re-aligning learning technologies to give more control to the learner appropriately.

2.-Democratise education-cost has been a major barrier to adoption and use of education technology in certain parts of the world. This has led to a deprivation of an otherwise necessary tool in the teaching and learning of large masses of individuals. Our attempt is to lower the cost of acquisition and use of such education technologies. This we hope, will help in a way to 'democratise education' and in the long-term enable such individuals to be able to acquire skills and competencies necessary to compete fairly on the global stage in their respective endeavours.

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