Our Mission

Modern education technology can empower learners by giving them control over their own learning and promoting the teacher as a facilitator. By involving learners in content creation and fostering collaboration with peers and teachers, we can achieve deep learning. Our goal is to realign learning technologies to give learners appropriate control over their learning experience.

High education technology costs have limited its adoption in some regions, depriving individuals of an important tool for learning. Our aim is to reduce acquisition and usage expenses, democratize education, and help individuals acquire the skills needed to compete on the global stage.

Individual Online Learning

We have put together a system that enables you to study at your pace, effectively and efficiently.

By recognising that individuals have different learning styles unique to them, LearnersPlatform is built to be flexible and adapt to your learning needs than you adapting to LearnersPlatform.

Adaptable to different settings

LearnersPlatform is being used by Schools, Companies and Individual Teachers.

Something for everyone. Schools use it in classroom settings, especially for assessment. Businesses train their new employees on the platform as well as CPD for others. Individual teachers and Lecturers use it in tuition for individual and group lessons.  Access to both offline and online resources is convenient for both students and teachers.

Examination Companion

LearnersPlatform has a strong Assessment/Examination component

We share knowledge and assess it. You no longer need to be anxious about your exams. Teachers and Lecturers work with us to make available the most upto date, curriculum specific past and  likely future examinations questions with solutions on the platform.

All in one place, no need to to struggle in preparing for your exams.

Something for everyone. Take a look if you dont find what you are looking for us, contact us.