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What the Learning and Content Management System(LCMS) offers to both Learners and Instructors.

Leanersplatform™- facilitating the teaching and learning process for desirable coutcomes.

Leanersplatform™ is a Next Generation Learning and Content Management System. One which has left the competition trying to catch up.

It is transforming the teaching and learning experience by reducing redundancy, increasing efficiency, personalizing content and shortening time-to-task. Content is created once and distributed many times over multiple outputs: performance support, print, presentations, mobile, eLearning and blended learning.

Consideration has been given to both Students and Instructors as the main users of the platform hence features including branching to make departments autonomous if you wish, audience and grouping for flexibility in classifying students and differentiating learning content for them. In addition, it designed to adapt to your needs rather that you adapting to the system. These and many other features are some of the capabilities that sets the platform apart.


for Students:

Learn interactively with your courses, tutors and peers both online and offline.

Access your courses both online and more importantly offline when you do not have internet access.

for Tutors:

Teach interactively and innovatively with best course creation tools, content management and delivery.

Create an online school privately or within your institution

Update courses, save on time and printing, flip your lectures with video content and other course materials

Teach as a private individual, within your institution or collaborately on the world stage in other institutions.

for Universities, Schools and colleges:

Expand beyond your physical institution locations

Create satellites campuses virtually with the tools provided with the platform to deliver your courses.

Reach as many students as your lecturers can manage.

Deliver your current courses for a fraction of the current cost

Design and deliver new courses with less resources, improved engagement.

Solve the problem of internet unreliability making courses available offline for students.

Specially developed apps on Android and iOS systems for students to access courses offline

Reduce cost of course creation, maintenance and delivery by upto 70%.


"At Learner's Platform, learning is very enriching. The various activities held at the school has helped me improve my skills in arts. It has been a very good experience for me and helped me build self-confidence."