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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does my subscription to courses last

Each subscription lasts for 1 year.  However, you can buy the same course twice, that means you will have it for 2 years and if you buyt it 3 times means you will have it for 3 years. 

How do I access my course after login into MY ACCOUNT?

You must always click on the name of the course in your account and that will take you into the course.

Why is my account restricted?

The system detects it if you logon to more than a ceratin muber of devices in a short period of time, which means you are sharing your login details with others. Tis is a violation of your terms and you will be restricted for sometime.

Email, Email Email

You need a functioning email to be able to use the site successfully. You need the email for messaging, to register and for change of password or reset should you forget your password. Please create an email if you dont have one .

What are some advantages of LearnersPlatform?

They are many but some are listed here:  1. I can sudy offline so I save data              2. The courses are updated frequently.    3. They are cost effective.                            4. They are interactive.                                  



Is it only for examination?

LearnersPlatform is focussed on assessments and examinations. However, the materials presented are for your daily studies. The examination format helps you focus your study to be goal oriented. We are fast becoming the No. 1 examination and Testing solution providers and leaders in Africa. Students popularly refer to LearnersPlatform as the ‘ Examination Companion’.

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