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Our Services

An educational technology solution designed to support interactive and innovative learning.

The platform is designed to help institutions and educators expand their reach and impact, and to support learners in achieving their educational goals. With its focus on innovation and accessibility,  LearnersPlatform services are well-suited to meet the evolving needs of the education sector.

Examination Boards

We offer study materials for all subjects approved by different Examination Boards in Africa, including WAEC, UNEB, KNEC, JAMB and many more, which can assist you in comprehending the criteria necessary for achieving success in the examination.

Professionals Examination

LearnersPlatform provides valuable courses and resources for professionals preparing for exams in finance and accounting, engineering, healthcare and others.

Nursing Examination

We provide access to a wide range of course materials, including video lectures, presentations, assignments, and other materials from experienced nursing instructors.

Mobile App

LearnersPlatform has mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices, allowing students to access their courses and learning materials offline when they do not have internet access.

How it works?

LearnersPlatform works by providing a centralized online platform for students, educators, and institutions to access, create, and deliver courses and learning materials to achieve exam success.

1. Register. 

2. Browse for your course.

3. Study online on the website or offline in the APP.

Examination Success

Most courses and programs on the system prepare you for exam success and are designed to be self-explanatory, except where teaching by a tutor is recommended.


After registering, check your active email promptly for an automatically generated accounts, where you manage  your courses. 


You can register generally in a pool of tutors for your subject or create your own school and manage your students.


Schools register and manage their Teachers and Students as well as use the Learning Management System. Contact Us if you are a School.

Prepare for Your Exams with Interactive and Engaging Online Courses

For Students

Interactive learning allows you to engage with your courses, tutors, and peers through online and offline activities. This allows for a more dynamic and engaging learning experience, and with offline access, you can continue learning even when you don’t have an internet connection.

For Tutors

Interactive and innovative teaching with the best course creation tools, content management and delivery. Create online schools for private or institutional use, save time and resources with online updates and video content, and teach as an individual or collaborate with others globally.

For Universities, Schools,

Expand beyond physical locations and create virtual satellite campuses. Reach more students with the platform’s tools, deliver courses at a lower cost, and improve engagement through online course design and delivery. Solve internet unreliability with offline course access and reduce costs by up to 70% with specially developed Android and iOS apps.