Benefits to Institutions and Distance Education Units:

1. Enrol and reach an unlimited number of students.

2. Deliver courses locally and internationally and be a force on the Global stage.

3. Increase your variety and number of programme offerings.

4. Make your courses and programmes attractive, competitive and deliver them efficiently.

5. Cut your current cost by over 70% whilst increasing your current revenue stream exponentially.

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Since in distance education, the physical limits of the classroom is not a limiting factor, you can increase your intake to any number of students and any number of a variety of courses and programmes locally and internationally, as long as you have the Lecturers to design and manage the courses- LearnersPlatform™ is scalable to accommodate unlimited number of students and unlimited number of courses. Your revenue stream could increase exponentially to unimaginable levels by adopting LearnersPlatform™. It is an all-in-one system, effectively allowing you to deliver face-face campus teaching, distance virtual delivery of content, complete online schools to blended learning of a mixture of face-to-face and online teaching and learning.