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Student Study Support

- Primary

- Secondary

- Degree

- Postgraduate

Specialist Study Support





Below are some of the features and activities students experience using the platform:

have access to all their courses, course materials and interact with their peers.

experience microlearning by accessing “chunks” of learning materials at a time.

anytime anywhere learning as a student is invaluable in time management.

make their courses offline and access them without an internet connection

engage in peer-to-peer learning.

involve in “studygroups”, moderated by themselves or an instructor.

submit assignments and access their marks online.

involve in live or face-to-face learning facilitated via the platform.

subscribe individually or through their institution.

all learning and course materials in a central location if the courses are on the platform.

can engage with their tutors or lecturers for 1:1 teaching and learning

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