Benefits to teachers and students: Value of LearnersPlatform TM

Organization – features like Calendar, Course Catalogue, Groups, Notifications help keep you organized and be more efficient

Collaboration – Discussion boards, Billboard, Announcements, Blogs, Emails, Whiteboards allow teachers and students to interact, work together and work with others.

LearnersPlatform - in general, allows students and teachers to create and interact instead of students just observing.

Versatile Content Creation tools including H5P allow us to create interactive content.

Personal Learning Network (PLN) - learning and sharing what you know.

Individual Learning Paths(ILPs)-learning is tailored to individual specific needs (saves time, reduces repetition, allows for differentiation and personal development, talent development)

Professional development - online resources, informal through PLN, online groups for lectures to collaborate locally and internationally. Collaborate with other lecturers through secure environments and working groups around the world.

Research/Information – through collaboration

Virtual labs, trips - take your students to places they would never get to see otherwise, do labs and experiences with them the 'virtual realities', even when you don't have the supplies or equipment.

Free online virtual labs and simulations instead of paying for licenses or lab equipment.

Save time and money.

Provide new learning experiences and help improve education.

Provide differentiated educational experiences (video, audio, print, interactive, help and tutoring).

A physics instructor is quoted as "My physics classes do not have a textbook because I use two free online physics texts, three great websites, and a free downloadable pdf version of a physics textbook. Savings of a lot of money per student. (Lectures and lecture notes are easily modified and updated)

A languages lecturer, "I don't print out anywhere near the amount of paper for students that I used to because I post things on the class blogs and website and personalised messages to my students directly on the system. Savings of literally tens of thousands of pieces of paper and copier toner and my time."

Electronic assignment posting and submission, attendance, note taking, etc. has saved money on grade books and paper (and allowed stakeholders to keep track of their student's performance)

Free software / services (through integrations-Google Docs, Sites, Blogger,) instead of paying for licenses - students can therefore do things at home that they normally couldn't afford to do either.

A student in an area with unreliable internet access, "I am able to access my courses offline on my mobile devices anytime and anywhere, even without internet access, I could not believe it at first, what more can I ask for?".